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The Techgong radial tool system for Longwall Shearer drums is an industry proven flexible platform. It combines the Techgong pocketed radial toolholder (wet or dry configurations as required), radial tool, radial spray, and associated retention devices. The patented shear plane provides extra peace of mind in case of extreme impacts, providing a sacrificial point of failure that allows continued operation without risk to surrounding components.

Techgong can work with you to develop and supply customised tooling.

Example use case: a mine was cutting in light to medium conditions using the 130mm Techgong radial tool with shear plane (60130BF). It encountered some unexpectedly tough conditions, causing increased tool wear and down time. After consulting with Techgong Australia, a harder wearing 100mm tool (60100P) was switched in and they were able to continue mining with confidence.

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Radial Picks

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Sample of Range

60130BF render.JPG



Typical      Coal production, light to medium 

Usage:      conditions

Body:       Shaped for optimal loading and

                reduced dust, shear plane


Carbide:   Extra Large laid-on tip for increased

               wear life.

Shank:     60x35 Heavy duty for extended pick


Retention: Rib-lock with anti-vibration button

50100BF render_edited.png



Typical      Sumping


Body:       Shaped for reduced dust,

               Shear plane


Carbide:   Large laid-on tip

Shank:     50x30 Standard duty

Retention: Rib-lock with anti-vibration button

60100P render.JPG



Typical      Tough conditions,

Usage:     Cutting through faults/inclusions

Body:       Shaped for optimal strength in

               tough conditions


Carbide:   Slug tip

Shank:     60x35 Heavy duty

Retention: Rib-lock with anti-vibration button

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