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Continuous Miner Tools

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Proven in the Toughest Environments


Techgong mining tools have been proved in the toughest environments in iron ore mines and coal seams with difficult geologies, as well as other non-ferrous metal ores.


We provide cutting picks that can be tailored to unique conditions, whether abrasive, or just plain hard material. Body and pick profiles are available in a wide standard range to suit these different conditions, and various hard facing styles can be added for increased body longevity.


The tools are known for their smooth rotation and exceptional wear resistance, as well as ease of replacement.


Techgong also manufacture a range of sleeves and holders, and offer design and manufacturing services for specific applications where customisation is required to meet unique requirements, or extend the in situ life of equipment while maintaining productivity.

Hundreds of Products Available!

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Techgong Catalogue


Catalogue of Tools and Capability.

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Sample of Range

10800TH + 18801SL


  • Light duty, high penetration

  • Suit Ø30 straight shank tool

  • Circlip sleeve retention

12800TH + 20801SL_edited.png

12800TH + 20801SL


  • Heavy duty, low penetration

  • Suit Ø30/38 shank tool

  • Circlip sleeve retention

11800TH + 19801SL_edited.png

11800TH + 19801SL


  • Medium duty, medium penetration

  • Suit Ø35 straight shank tool

  • Circlip sleeve retention



  • 86 mm gauge

  • Ø35 straight shank

  • Wedding band retention



  • 75 mm gauge

  • Ø25 straight shank

  • Wedding band retention




  • 80 mm gauge

  • Ø30 straight shank

  • Wedding band retention



  • 77 mm gauge

  • Ø30/38 stepped shank

  • Spring clip retention

10800TH + 18801SL_edited.png
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